Paper Dart Board Game

Have a fun and relaxing game of darts with the reversible XL Dart board. A Skillful Adult game not a Child’s Toy. You have the ability to play a friendly game against your friends and family, or once flipped you can improve your skills with target practice. On the backside of this Dart board there is points associated with range.


This strong Dartboard by Unicorn measures 17 x ¾, making it a full size playing surface. It’s made from top quality material so as not to hinder your performance. The board is double sided with a target game on the reverse enabling you to improve your skills.


  1. Dart game set
  2. 2-in-1 games: Classic 6-point darts and target bulls-eye game on back side
  3. Paper wound dart board
  4. Wire spider web to divide scoring segments
  5. Mounting bracket built into dartboard
  6. Great for beginners and advanced players



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17 inches Dart Board Game Wooden backside 17 inches Dart Board Game Wood...

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