Nunchaks are most impressive when they move at breakneck speed. You must be inspired by Bruce Lee movie’s in which he uses Nunchaku. This is why many martial artists love using the wooden Nunchaku. The lightweight rattan material and ball-bearing chain help you move these nunchucks with overwhelming velocity during weapon demonstrations and tournaments.

In keeping with the natural flavor of these versatile weapons, the exact color tone of these chucks varies somewhat from batch to batch. They are a natural material, so please don’t be concerned if the chucks you receive are not exactly as pictured, the difference, if any, will be slight and only cosmetic..


Wooden Nunchaku Martial Arts

Nunchaku Details:

  • Weight: Around 1 KG
  • Handle Length: 1 Feet
  • Ball-bearing chain
  • Perfect for fast demos


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Wooden Nunchaku Martial Arts Nunchaku Wooden Martial Arts

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