Car-G7 Wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter car charger, G7, with car MP3 player

CAR G7 – Bluetooth Car Modulator

  • This product is Bluetooth car charger mp3 player for vehical.
  • Adapting professional-grade high-performance Bluetooth Module, built-in mp3/wma decoder chip make it capable of playing the music flies in u disk, firing into the car stereo via wireless.
  • Besides, during the Bluetooth connecting ,play the phone’s music and FM transmitter to Car Audio, perfect ,as calling incoming automatically switches to the speaker’s state, call end then automatically back the music player.
  • So you do not do any modifications, easily enjoying the music and handsfree phone calls while you are driving.
  • This item not only support Bluetooth Handsfree call but also music play.
  • Aluminum solid shrapnel, good electrical conductivity, high hardness, anti-scratch, anti-rust, anti-oxidant, good heat dissipation

Gold, Silver


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