008S PCIe Risers for Graphic Cards Games or mining

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  • High Quality  Cable
  • 3 Power Options
  • Type: PCI E Extender Mining Card
  • Model: 008s
  • Cable Type: White

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White PCI E USB Riser 008S Adapter Card SATA

008s Risers are most powerful risers. They have three different power options. It comes with high quality cable to connect with motherboard. Riser 008S Adapter Card comes with LED indicator.


1. Three different power options.
2. 4 High Quality Solid Capacitors on each card for reliable and safe power delivery.
3. 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable enabling flexibility in the placement of your PCI-E devices.
4. 4pin, SATA and Graphic card 6pin interface are optional to power, which provides Graphic card independent power and reduces motherboard burden when using more graphic cards.
5. High Quality Data Cable
6. LED indicator are used on the board: Indicates the connection status between your devices.
7. 1x adapter PCI-E card can be inserted in any PCI-E slot: 1x, 4x, 8x, or 16x!
8. No drivers needed to install.
9. The top of the line solution for setting up Ethereum mining rigs (or any other GPU-mined altcoin), whether small open air rigs or large rack based miners, and securing your investment.
10. 4 Holes for attaching the riser card to your rig.

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008s Risers

White Riser 008s
Riser 008s

Blue Cable 008s

PCI e Risers 008s





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