• Magnetic Chess Board WAXMATbl Intelligence game

  • Quad Pro magnetic chess set with Fine texture, gives you smooth hand-feel while lightweight and portable; well-crafted chess pieces make it much more deluxe. The chess board every individual pieces have a light magnetic attraction to the 64-square playing field; light magnetism would make it stable to play while not hard to move the piece.
  • Chess board size is about 9.84×9.84×0.78 Inches, while folded size is 9.84*4.92*1.56 Inches. You can keep this Chess board with you while traveling because of it’s small size, but also large enough to play comfortably.
  • Because of it’s Foldable design chess pieces can be put into the chessboard for easy storage. Novel style – suitable for home, company, school, journey, bus or picnic. All ages are available.

Chess Magnetic Board WAXMATblChess Magnetic Board WAXMATbl with box


  • A Fun and Exciting Way to Help
  • Intelligence development Game
  • Enhances Your Child’S Intelligence
  • Material: Magnetic and Plastic
  • Mind Sharpness Game


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Chess Magnetic Board WAXMATbl Magnetic Chess Board WAXMATbl

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